I discovered new libertarians with the Liberty Movement's best outreach tool.

The success of the Liberty Movement relies directly on the number of passionate libertarians that make up its ranks.  By working at an Operation Politically Homeless booth for at least two hours, you helped countless people discover libertarianism.

Many of these people will share the great news of Liberty with their communities and become leaders in the Liberty Movement.

That wouldn’t have happened without you. Tell us about your experience and you could win a prize for your hard work.

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I inspired people to Liberty by getting up and talking in front of them.

Public Speaking is one of mankind’s deepest fear.  It’s also one of our most powerful tools to share the benefits of Liberty with crowds.

If you overcame your fears and shared the beautiful promise of libertarianism with an audience, you deserve an award.  You might have inspired someone to defend Liberty by running for office or voting with their conscience.  You might have convinced someone that Liberty really does hold the best promise for our future.

Your speech was a catalyst that grows the Liberty Movement. Tell us about it and win great prizes.

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I impacted an entire community by getting published in the local paper.

Even in this age of television and the internet, many of our most important ideas are discussed and debated in newspapers.

Your carefully crafted arguments made it past the editor’s desk and onto the page.  You’re words have introduced Liberty into your community.  The ideas you presented have challenged thinking and lead to in-depth discussions about the freedom philosophy.

Your article solidified the case for Liberty. Share it with us for your chance to win.

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